hello - hello

Hello, hello!

Welcome to my new website. After Facebook blocked some functions, thanks to which I extracted content from my fanpage and everything disappeared, I decided to rewrite everything. Yes, I can make such things too.

Restrictions on air traffic meant that I decided to use the period of isolation just for this. Ultimately, I plan to transfer all my Facebook and Instagram activity right here, leaving these social media only for the purposes of possible contact.

Do not hesitate to add me as a friend if you want to. You will find me on mentioned social media sites as well as on LinkedIn. Maybe we will meet one day, who knows! I am constantly looking for good people on the way, who would want to give me a shelter for the night. If you would like to accompany me during my travel in selected countries - tell me about it. If you would find some time to show me your town - let me know! Our photo in my travel blog is a must!