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G-SHOCK is my partner in this expedition. When I left Poland on May 15, 2017, I had Mudmaster GWG-1000 on my wrist. It is still with me!

Learn more about MUDMASTER GWG1000-1A3

So far my ride has killed two tents, including a military one, three sets of expensive waterproof bags, four digital cameras and one bicycle.

G-SHOCK works! It survived tons of dust in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Thailand. It survived the rainy season on Borneo and monsoons on Taiwan. If I hadn't had two serious falls, which resulted in scrubbing it on the asphalt, you would have never thought that it had already done more than 20000 km with me.


At this point I will tell you something that I have noticed after a very intensive use of the watch and everyone seems to skip it.

What do you think is the most important element of your outfit? I think that shoes are the most important. Do you agree with me? Good shoes make any pants look good with them and all the composition looks intentional.

Similarly, the quality of the glass affects the appearance of the watch. Scratched one makes the watch look bad. Clean and clear one, despite extreme use, makes the watch looks fresh! This is Mudmaster!

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The new carbon Mudmaster model is a gift from Mr. Kikuo Ibe! He handed it to me personally on August 8, 2019 at the Casio headquarters in Tokyo.

Learn more about MUDMASTER GGB100-1A3

Both are real military-class outdoor equipment that you can take with you on any adventure. It will not disappoint you!

What should such equipment be like? Reliable when you need it and non-absorbing when you don't use it.

When planning a long journey through the steppes of Kazakhstan, away from human settlements - take GWG-1000. It's heavier, bigger, more massive but has a solar battery. It's definitely a watch for a man's hand.

When you set off on a shorter trip, take the GGB-100. It is lighter, works with the phone and can help you get back following your footsteps when you get lost. It also has a pedometer! It comes in color versions and will suit both men and women.


Both are equipped with a compass, barometer and altimeter. Both are waterproof and dustproof. Both have mineral glass. You don't need more.

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If you like digital watches, you might be interested in RANGEMAN GPRB-1000. Do you like running? Check GBDH1000!

MASTER OF G is definitely my favourite line of products from G-SHOCK.

Do not hesitate to add me as a friend if you want to. You will find me on mentioned social media sites as well as on LinkedIn. Maybe we will meet one day, who knows! I am constantly looking for good people on the way, who would want to give me a shelter for the night. If you would like to accompany me during my travel in selected countries - tell me about it. If you would find some time to show me your town - let me know! Our photo in my travel blog is a must!