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I was born in the eighties so you must know that I can do a lot. My childhood without a computer and a mobile phone developed my creativity. I know how to deal with problems quickly and efficiently. The ability to think logically is my strength. Mastering in crisis situations is my strength.

You can find my professional achievements on LinkedIn. I have a lot of successes which can be measured. I was involved in management, marketing and advertising for over 20 years at a time when you had to get a client without access to Facebook or Instagram. Today it sounds like "mission impossible". Soon I will write more about me here.

Do not hesitate to add me as a friend if you want to. You will find me on mentioned social media sites as well as on LinkedIn. Maybe we will meet one day, who knows! I am constantly looking for good people on the way, who would want to give me a shelter for the night. If you would like to accompany me during my travel in selected countries - tell me about it. If you would find some time to show me your town - let me know! Our photo in my travel blog is a must!